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We are technology enthusiasts. Having been in the market since 2018 and originally launching in the Welsh market, we knew the technology would change the world. We've been dedicated to providing rare and exotic mobile devices since our inception. We started offering its products to other European markets such as Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain and others. With 123 products sold, we have completed no fewer than 8,000 customer orders across Europe.

Our sustainability philosophy

More and more electronics are being produced worldwide. The smartphone market in particular continues to grow strongly. Most manufacturers focus on releasing new devices at ever shorter intervals. This is intended to encourage buyers to exchange their current cell phone for an even newer one - even though it is still functional. This is problematic from the point of view of environmental and climate protection.

Because the raw materials contained in electronic devices, rare metals and various plastics, cause emissions during extraction or production and are sometimes obtained under inhumane conditions. In addition, recycling is not possible without residues, so that they can still harm the environment even after the end of their life cycle.

With our sustainable business model, we want to help ensure that used but functional cell phones and other electronic devices are used longer. By giving your old device to a new user, we extend its lifespan - so one less new device has to be produced.

In order to expand our commitment to sustainability, we have entered into several partnerships with organizations that are also committed to sustainability.

Signatory to the UN Global Compact

123 Sold signed the UN Global Compact. This is a global pact between over 13,000 companies and the United Nations to support the development of a sustainable and responsible world economy. The following values ​​and themes are central to this.

The aim is for the signing companies to exchange ideas, strategies and options for action for sustainable business practices. The UN Global Compact works in particular through networking events and conferences. The signing companies also exchange annual progress reports in which they inform each other about their sustainable development.

With the help of the UN Global Compact, 123 Sold wants to get to know new ideas and find out in which areas we can still improve ourselves.

If you are not satisfied, you have a 30-day voluntary return guarantee after the purchase and the security that we will remedy the warranty quickly and easily.

Order fulfilment

Orders are processed 24 hours a day, sent on weekdays.